“This Too Will Pass – L’Attimo Fuggente goes slow”


a cura di L’attimo fuggente – parole di Ali Millar


“In the afternoon of his third summer he sleeps on me as outside cars rumble; the air is thick, heavy – later it will thunder.”

Brave Timer – Swimming In The Isar


“He sleeps and as he does he sweats and snores, he is all animal and moves – thrusts an arm out and into the soft of my stomach and I think of how once he was something other;”

Akira Kosemura – Living In The Present


“he was warm then whilst still on the inside when he first had a tail and was more fish than boy but one day will be more man than anything else”

Federico Albanese – The Blue Hour


“He will grow, and he will outgrow this soon, by next summer he will not want to sleep so,”

Library Tapes – Feathers


“…he will want to climb and jump and play with friends and will be unable to abandon himself thus, ”

Iván Muela – Sonder


“…and then the year after will wave goodbye, without backwards glancing, he will grow and grow. ”

Western Skies Motel – Migratory Birds


” I will teach him to leave, I will teach him to live on the outside without me, without us and then… ”

Bosques De Mi Mente – Aquello Que Creiamos Perdido


“…one day we will say the learning as been enough and we will leave him behind. ”

Cave In The Sky – Sönghellir


” We will be just blips, thing one day he will release he cannot remember the size and the shape of, the exact smell of – we will become indistinct, a half formed feeling.”

Āustras Laīwan – De Avibus Et Conchis


” As too this childhood will, will pass, will be recollected as the best of times, the thing we cannot hold.”

Christine Ott – Szczecin


“But still, now he sleeps and snores and sweat and stirs and the heart from his little cooking body fills mine and this…”

Jason Van Wyk – Kept


“…this too will pass” (Words by Ali Millar)

Glacis – Love, If You Love Me



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