Women Of The World

a cura di L’attimo fuggente


“Sitting in front of you/Of your hands touching mine/Eyes talking on the things you couldn’t let go”
Chantal Acda – Arms Up High

” I walk through hell for my love/Who else will stand by his side?/ It’s hard to tell if this is love/My heart is a chamber of fire”
Kesang Marstrand – For My Love

“You know I try, to see things from your side/To leave things undefined/But where would you advise?/That I generate a new design/For the missing piece I had to disguise/Saw a paper with the header that your love is just a myth I devised/And things like that you can never take back again/Things like that you can never take back again”
Jessica Pratt – Back, Baby

“I don’t need no one to follow, feathers full/Get up early just to charm unwaking souls/When the sea called me/When the sea called me home”
Julia Holter – Sea Calls Me Home

“Do you need me the way I need you?/Let’s be true for a change/Do you need someone?/Do you need my love?”
Weyes Blood – Do You Need My Love?

“I will never marry my love/I will die waiting for the bells/Death, come pull me underwater/I have nothing left to fear from hell”
Aldous Harding – Stop Your Tears

“Always a dream wave drawing you off track/Dream wave, a coast calls you back/Coast calling you back”
Tiny Ruins – Dream Wave

” I heard somebody say/That the brightest lights/Cast the biggest shadows/So honey i got to let you go”
Alela Diane – About Farewell

“Tonight when I came home from work/there he unforeseen changed in an easy chair/and said “what’s that sorrow you bear?”/and I could tell him, he understood/he gently took my arm/he listened to my tears ‘til dawn”
Sibylle Baier – Tonight

“Now I’m sitting here/ Thinkin’ about/ How can these angels help me out?”
Itasca – Nature’s Gift

“Someone has got to go on believing/Someone has got to speak of a feeling/Someone has got to Let down their guard/for someone/And I’ll be the one, be the one/I do not mind/and if you should touch me know that I’m made/that I’m made of fire”
Angel Olsen – Drunk And With Dreams

Women of the world take over/’Cause if you don’t the world will come to an end/And it won’t take long
Jim O’Rourke – Women Of The World



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